It’s a common story...

You enter recovery with most aspects of life a complete mess. Messiest of all are your intimate relationships.

Whether you were active in addiction or your partner was, you know first hand how dishonesty, cheating, concealing the truth and keeping secrets keep chaos reigning supreme in relationships. 

Hard work, a good support network, and a break from romance and intrigue went a long way in helping you get sober and stay sober - and now this little spark is flicking into a flame:  “I want to be with someone!.... But I am terrified to try this again - it was a disaster last time!”

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When you start dating in recovery with your eyes wide open you can see how easy it is for a new relationship to inject your life with feeling, meaning and fun... or it can tank you big time.

You’ve worked too hard to get to this point to take a shot in the dark on dating again.  

In this 3-day intensive, you will:

  • Learn how to set and maintain boundaries.
  • Become empowered by being able to give strong “yeses” and “nos”.
  • Learn how intimate relationships build and how to identify where you are at in relationship development.
  • How to develop a strong relationship BS detector.
  • Walk away with a strong dating plan you will be excited to start trying out.
  • Learn how to navigate dating people who aren't in recovery.
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Men Only: Jan 31 - Feb 3, 2019

Four days and three nights are included in this intensive. Arrive on Thursday and depart on Sunday.


The Hampton Inn
Ogden, Utah

Each participant will have their own suite at the Hampton Inn in beautiful downtown Ogden, Utah.



$200 discount if deposit paid by December 15!

Includes three nights hotel accommodations in a single room and all meals.

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