What's Next?

You feel stable in your sobriety and you are living a life that you had only imagined a short time ago- but there has to be more, right?



Sobriety has opened up new possibilities for you, new energy, new relationships, and a new way of seeing yourself and your world. The door is open, and now you get to step through it.

Many people get into stable sobriety to discover there is a lot they have learned and a lot they still don’t know about relationships.

Sobriety alone doesn’t teach you how to have those life-altering conversations with the people you care about. Sobriety alone doesn’t shed light on all of the skeletons you know are in your closet that you fear deep down will jump out at some point and really trip you up.

We're here to help you with all of that!

One Layer Deeper Intensives™ are designed to help you identify and push those growth edges that your work in recovery thus far has opened up. We believe that the most reliable indicator of your long-term success in recovery is the quality of your connected, safe relationships - and those don’t come just because we want them. We have to learn how to connect, tolerate the discomfort that comes with being connected, and work to stay connected in rewarding ways.

Our intensive weekends are designed to help you dig deep, see yourself more clearly, and come away with concrete plans that will help you continue to build a life that you love living.

You’ve done the groundwork in getting sober and opening doors to new possibilities- let us help you walk through those doors into a life you didn’t know you could have.

1LD Intensive:
Family of Origin

Fall of 2019
Salt Lake City, UT
Cost: $1,995 all-inclusive

1LD Intensive:
The Boundary Box

12-Month subscription box intensive
Cost: $40 / month

1LD Intensive:
Dating in Recovery

Fall of 2019
Nashville, TN
Cost: $1,995 all-inclusive

Take Your Recovery One Layer Deeper!

Find out if a One Layer Deeper intensive is right for you. This 20 minute call with Amy or Jackie will give you an opportunity to get the information you need to make the right decision.