Grief is complicated. It comes and goes and then comes again without warning or understanding. It disrupts our lives in ways we don't even really understand sometimes for years later.  Complicate that with what is socially acceptable to grieve and what is not. Death of a significant person or animal in your life - sure, go ahead and grief for a small, socially acceptable period of time. However, society and those around us tend to view the loss of a job, a house, a significant relationship, a coping mechanism, a coveted opportunity, or a loss by choice as "lesser" losses and our "acceptable" window of grief is much small, if it exists at all. And yet, these losses and the grief that accompanies them is no less impactful to our emotional state or psyche.

Grief, which is such a natural part of our lives, is one of the emotions we are most unprepared to recognize and cope with in constructive ways.

It is said loss and grief come into our lives in three major categories:

  • What happened and shouldn't have
  • What didn't happen and should have
  • What

It is essential to our emotional and physical health to recognize the losses we have experienced, allow ourselves the space and time to grieve these losses, and learn healthy coping skills to move us forward.

Join us for a three-day weekend intensive to explore these ideas in a safe, supportive group setting. During our time together, you will:

  • Excavate the big picture and look at the story you were born into

  • Unearth what strengths came from your family dysfunction and how to utilize them

  • Extract the ways your childhood is showing up in the present in ways you might might not want

  • Dig into models and definitions of functional adulthood and assess your current situation

  • Make a plan to take steps towards greater functional adulthood in your life and how we can leave the past in the past

Thurs, Nov. 7

Time Activity
3 PM Hotel Check-in Begins
5 PM Opening Dinner
Meet in lobby
8 PM Myth-busters Group Exercise
9 PM Loss Timeline
10 PM Evening Meditation

Fri, Nov. 8

Time Activity
8 AM Breakfast
9 PM Work block 1:
1 PM Lunch
2 PM Work block 2:
6 PM Offsite Dinner

Sat, Nov. 9

Time Activity
8 AM Breakfast
9 AM Work block 3:
1 PM Lunch
2 PM Work block 4:
6 PM Offsite Dinner

Sun, Nov. 10

Time Activity
8 AM Breakfast
9 AM Work block 5:
Presentations and Reflection
11 AM Dismiss

Flight home can be safely scheduled beginning at 1:30 PM.

Registration will open July 1, 2019.