“You have to know the past to understand the present.”

-Carl Sagan, American astronomer and astrobiologist

Addiction doesn’t start in a vacuum. For that matter, neither does recovery. There are many moving and complex parts and pieces. One of the biggest contributing factors is what you inherited, learned, and didn’t learn from your family of origin. Understanding what is presently happening for you starts by excavating the past.

Maybe, while seeing your therapist or working the steps with your sponsor, you’ve started to scratch the surface of the dysfunction you observed and absorbed in your childhood. To really get at the root of the problem, you need to get one layer deeper. After all, this is the birthplace of addiction.

It is possible to acknowledge both the pain and strength, the shame and resiliency, the dysfunction and the love given to you by your family of origin. And in holding these ideas together, we begin to understand and change our present into the life we love living!

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Join us for a three-day weekend intensive to explore these ideas in a safe, supportive group setting. During our time together, you will:
• Excavate the big picture look at the story you were born into
• Unearth what strengths came from your family dysfunction and how to utilize them
• Develop a model for what healthy personal and relational boundaries actually look like
• Dig into the model of functional adulthood and assess yourself
• Extract the ways your childhood is showing up in the present in ways you might not want it to
• Make a plan to take steps towards functional adulthood


February 28 - March 3
Four days and three nights are included in this intensive. Arrive on Thursday and depart on Sunday.


Salt Lake City, UT
Each participant will have their own room with a king bed at the Little America Hotel in beautiful downtown Salt Lake, Utah.


Includes three nights hotel accommodations in a single room and all meals.

Limited scholarships are available for all of our programs. We are familiar with financial struggle recovery can be.  If you would like to know more information about scholarships or to see if you qualify, schedule a call or email us at info@onelayerdeeper.com.  We would love to discuss it with you.

Weekend Schedule:

Thurs, Feb 28

Time Activity
3 PM Hotel Check-in Begins
5 PM Opening Dinner
Meet in lobby
8 PM Assumption Exercise
9 PM Family Genogram
10 PM Evening Meditation

Fri, Mar 1

Time Activity
8 AM Breakfast
9 PM Work block 1:
5 Traits of Functional Adulthood
1 PM Lunch
2 PM Work block 2:
Personal and Relational Boundaries
6 PM Offsite Dinner

Sat, Mar 2

Time Activity
8 AM Breakfast
9 AM Work block 3:
Family Roles and The Present
1 PM Lunch
2 PM Work block 4:
Moving You Towards Functional Adulthood
6 PM Offsite Dinner

Sun, Mar 3

Time Activity
8 AM Breakfast
9 AM Work block 5:
Presentations and Reflection
11 AM Dismiss

You can schedule flights home beginning at 1:30 PM.

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