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Dating doesn't need to be scary.

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Doing your work in recovery can show you just how scared and out of control you have felt in your relationships.

Doing your work in recovery can also show you how much you need and want good, connected relationships.

Many people reach a point in healing from their addiction or the addition of a loved one where they find themselves "single and terrified to mingle."  Based on the hurts from past relationships, you may not have a lot of confidence in your ability to find and be a part of healthy relationships- but you can't keep denying the pull for intimacy, love, and connection.

Dating in recovery doesn't have to scare you into a life of loneliness.

At One Layer Deeper, we believe that healing from addiction equips people with many of the skills and perspectives needed to experience close connected relationships like never before.  We're here to help you take hold of your relationships in recovery and to feel excited and confident about what you are able to build with others.

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Session 1: Sobriety Changes in Relationships

Session 2: Navigating Honesty & Disclosure

Session 3: Finding the Fun in Dating

Session 4: Healthy Sexuality in Relationships

The Recovery Meets Relationships: Dating Webinar is a 4-session deep dive into the world of dating in recovery.  This interactive live webinar will help you to:

  • Get clear about how dating affects and changes sobriety
  • Navigate the ever looming questions of when and how much to tell a romantic partner about your past
  • Put fun at the center of dating- why do it if it's not something you will enjoy?
  • Understand the gift of your sexuality and how recovery opens new possibilities for self-acceptance, intimacy, and partnership
  • Participants will have access to live webinars, recordings, and interactive homework to help you put your romantic life on solid footing.