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Our Approach

We spend a lot of time with people in recovery. A LOT.

Our team has helped people in the very beginning days of sobriety- helping them find support, make a plan for getting sober, and learning how to be accountable.

We’ve helped people in the ‘messy middle’ as they are surveying the damage of addiction to their work, relationships, and self-esteem.

We’ve helped couples repair betrayal wounds and work toward healing and repair in families.

A woman we recently worked with said “I’ve done so much to learn new ways of living and I’ve been so frustrated about how I have still felt stuck.”  She went on to say:

Our Story

Before I heard Worth Recovery and Thanks for Sharing I didn't realize I hadn't worked in the relational space.


Let’s back up a bit - Worth Recovery was founded in 2016 as a podcast and coaching service for Women in Sex Addiction recovery.  (You can read more about Amy and Worth Recovery here.) Jackie started the Thanks for Sharing podcast which is focused on helping people understand “all things recovery, relationships, and healing.” (You can read more about Thanks for Sharing here.)  We’ve been on each other’s podcasts, interviewed a lot of the same guests, and most importantly, we work to reach the same people - people who are reeling from the effects of addiction.

As we talk to therapists, coaches, treatment centers, 12-step participants, and clients - we hear a similar concern:

“I got sober, now what?”

“It seems like what got me here isn’t going to keep me here.”


What is the “relationship space?”

So much of what we know about what works in recovery points back to the role that safe, supportive, healthy relationships play in helping someone to not only stay sober, but to heal the wounds that underlie addiction.

Addiction begins and ends with relationships.  Most addicts are primed for intense and lasting escape by their relationships that felt like they were too much (enmeshment) or not enough (neglect) and often both at the same time.  Addiction develops as a coping mechanism to make the relationships we have available to us tolerable.

Even after getting sober, a person can still carry the wounds and fears from relationships that were unsafe, confusing, or abusive.

We find that many of the people we work with start to hunger for relationships and connection as they get sober - and that is a great thing!  Nobody was designed to be alone.

Many recovering people struggle to know where to get started when it comes to Dating in Recovery, relating to the family they grew up in or working through grief and loss.  We can help.


What will I get?

The creators of Thanks for Sharing and Worth Recovery have worked to bring the recovering community an opportunity to go One Layer Deeper™.  We have designed a series of weekend intensives that will help you expand your recovery into the relationships that matter most to you.

One Layer Deeper™ retreats are designed to help you take a closer look at everyday issues that really impact your sobriety and maintain your recovery.  We know sobriety is just the beginning- a powerful beginning to the life you didn’t know you could hope for.

We’re confident we can help you with an important piece of your recovery puzzle.

Meet the Team

1ld Jackie Amy Webstie

Jackie Pack

Healing Paths, Inc., Owner

Jackie has been helping addicts and their families for over 20 years.  In addition to working with individuals and couples in the therapy room, Jackie is a well-respected supervisor for Certified Sex Addiction Therapists.  She is the owner of Healing Paths, Inc. an outpatient sexual addiction treatment center in Salt Lake City, Utah where she has created an environment that embodies recovery principles such as honesty, integrity, relationships, and self-actualization.  She is also the co-host of the weekly recovery podcast Thanks for Sharing.

Jackie is known for her thoughtful and creative approach to helping her clients get into their feelings and experiences, not just healing on a cognitive level.  Jackie is an outspoken advocate for women in sex addiction recovery and for men who are working to navigate their way through toxic masculinity.

In addition to One Layer Deeper Intensives and individual and couples therapy, Jackie is an effective consultant for businesses who are looking to iron out their interpersonal kinks.  In all of her work, she brings her intelligence, warmth, and humor to help people exceed what they thought was possible.

1ld Jackie Amy Webstie (1)

Amy Smith

Worth Recovery, Founder

Amy is a talented educator, her expertise is sought regularly in helping companies develop curriculum and operate more in line with their core values.  Amy is the creator of WORTH Recovery which she started out of her passion for helping women in recovery from addiction.  In addition to a weekly podcast, Amy provides top-notch recovery coaching for men and women.  Her clients appreciate how real she is and her gifts for getting to the heart of the matter.

The team at One Layer Deeper loves working with Amy.  She has a gift for turning theory into practical application in a direct and meaningful way.  When our clients work with Amy, they appreciate her down-to-earth approach and how she is able to provoke thought and feeling in a way that makes you want to dive in, not run away.

Amy's passion for helping people in recovery shows through in everything she does.

Is an intensive right for you?

We would love to help you find out!  Use the button to schedule a 20-minute call with one of us and talk about what an intensive offers to you.  We want to talk about your questions.